Out of The Ghetto, join us and make the difference

New, new new locandina_FotorGet ready and save the date. On the 14th of November, you are invited for a night out which is not going to be just fun, but also, and above all, is going to be a step to make the difference.

After last year successful event, we are delighted to announce that Out Of The Ghetto Night is back! What are we talking about?

Please, take a minute off your busy schedule and read this out..

What’s going on?

There are daily gestures like for instance having a dinner, which are not as simple as they seem to be. What I want to talk about today is the tomato soup you are going to have tonight for instance. Have you ever wonder what is behind that dish you are just going to eat?

I’ll tell you.

Behind that delicious soup could be a whole process which you wouldn’t probably imagine even in a million of years. It is called exploitation, slavery, poverty and it is the new and silent war which no one is fighting effectively against to, yet.

No, I’m not talking about some far reality overseas but something which is happening under our nose from many years ago yet. We are in Europe, and more specifically, we are in Italy. Here, in the south of the country, every year many migrants come to work in the seasonal tomato harvest and found themselves caught up in a trap.

In fact, behind a very big business for Italy such as the tomatoes exporting, there is an invisible phenomenon which involve different people, workers and exploiters are the main characters.

Although we are suppose to live in a developed world and in this case in a developed country, there are things which bring us in fields where humanity, rights, health and simply living, are just a blurred dream in hundreds of lives which have been disrupted because “of” a dream. The dream to escape from poverty, maybe from a war, to lead a normal life, being able to work, send money to their families, be part of a society. Instead, they found themselves in an unknown country, exploited from strangers, with no water sometimes, not enough food, no money and therefore.. no way out.

If behind the business of tomatoes there are very well known companies, those migrants seeking job are “employed” by mediators called Caporali (gangmasters). These shameless people are exploiters who take advantage of the migrants need to work, making their lives miserable.

These migrants, during the harvest season, are living all together in dirty slums with no either water or electricity. They are paid on a piece-rate system based on the amount of tomatoes successfully harvested (3.50€ x 300kg) and, on the top, they need to pay for the transport and food. Most of them, once interviewed from human rights organisations or others, declared that living in that condition is much worst that the reality which they escaped from.

How Uk is involved?

This invisible process doesn’t affect just Italy but all of us. If Italy is the biggest exporter in the world of canned tomato, try to guess who is the largest importer? Yes, exactly, it’s Britain.

Many of these products are in fact, on the shelves of big chains such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose or Morrison for instance. Leading suppliers deny any involvement in the migrant workers scandal as they are employed from the farmers who are not directly associated with the companies.

Still.. did you get where your tomato soup could be coming from?

What is Out of the Ghetto?

Fuori dal Ghetto Italy (Out of the Ghetto) is the name of a group of volunteers from Basilicata, which, together with other local organisations such as OMB (Osservatorio Migranti Basilicata), is willing to help hundred of migrants working in the seasonal tomato harvest and exploited by the gangmasters (caporali) who make them living in poor, dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

The main goal is supporting the school where the workers are learning italian and, through many different activities, are helped out becoming aware of their rights.

Fuori dal Ghetto Italy, since being born on 2011, has been promoting awareness amongst the people in order to involve as many as possible in their activities. 

So how we are involved?

As Italians in London, since last year, we’ve decide that we could do something to help out those associations raising awareness amongst londoners.

Many activities have been planned but we need your help to make this process be successful.

We are not in a fair world, we know that. But what if we can make even a small change to make it better?

How you can help?

Join us on the 14th of November for a charity night of fun! A gig with Terra Viva, Barbara Reggio and Craig Carri, performing live and a beautiful photographic projection of Tiziano Doria showing us what is the reality like in those fields. Free Aperitif!

Where? We will wait for you at Look Mum No Hands at 125–127 Mare Street

When? On the 14th of November at 7:00 pm!

Tickets £5 on the door.

Follow us on outoftheghetto.wordpress.com and stay updated about what’s the situation and on twitter @OutOfTheGhetto

Last year Out of the Ghetto night was something like that…

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